I’m often asked if we really get signs from our loved ones that have crossed over.


I believe that our loved ones in the spirit world work very hard to gain our attention so that they can give us a sign or message that we will recognize in order to let us know that they love us and are with us.

What can you do to recognize them?

Work to get out of your head and to increase your sense of awareness of the energy around you. This is one of the things that we work on together in my mentorship program.

Spirit uses all our senses to make us aware and show us signs that they are near, it may be that we feel them, see, hear, smell, touch or taste the messages from those who now reside in the other world. You may notice a bird or butterfly that your deceased loved one cherished. Lights may flicker or you may feel a sudden cold breeze without explanation. One of the biggest signs that I recognize is numbers or series of numbers, especially on a repetitive basis. Pennies or even coins that appear out of nowhere are another way in which our loved ones may try to get our attention so that they can let us know they are with us.

While sitting in my office one day, I was really worried about one of our sons who had recently lost his best friend, Polo. I noticed a butterfly pass by my window (which faces the front yard and pasture), which prompted me to ask Polo to please let me know that my son would make it through his grief and struggles and that whatever sign he gave me, it would linger around for a bit. All of sudden, I felt this huge push to stop what I was doing and to walk out of my office into the family room where I saw a beautiful butterfly pass by another window facing the backyard. I then heard that I should go outside to the back deck and that the butterfly would be out there with the flowers. I walked out and took a seat and happened to notice what time it was. This very same butterfly in the attached photo stayed around me for over forty minutes. While sitting there, I asked Polo to please validate that this butterfly was truly a sign from him and suddenly the butterfly circled around my head. I sat and relished this beautiful experience while taking many pictures and feeling such a huge sense of gratitude. I was a bit greedy and asked that before the butterfly would leave, it would please let me know it was saying goodbye. Again, towards the end of our time together, the butterfly left the flowers and flew around my head once more before it took off. It was one of the most memorable and beautiful personal experiences with Spirit that I have ever had. Thank you, Polo, not only did you respond to my request with such love but you also took me out into nature, surrounded by flowers and listening to the peaceful sounds of our backyard waterfall and pool. My stress and worry were lifted and I was left with feeling such a beautiful sense of peace and gratitude. We love and miss you but are so grateful for the continuous signs that you show us, letting us know you hear us and are with us.

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